"Your website is the answer to a small landlord's dreams. Skip the quantity of contacts - I lost track. The quality of the response is the most impressive aspect.

I have an e-mail list of 12 qualified applicants from coast to coast, wanting to rent my house. I actually had to devise an application just to keep it equitable for all and organized for myself. I already LOVED the internet, but this reconfirmed it. I e-mailed photos of the house, inside and out, to the 4 applicants who made the first cut. Two have confirmed they are ready to write checks & I'm awaiting the final e-mail answers from the other two.

Instead of leasing to the first person who comes along, I'm now forced to choose between a veterinarian, 2 teachers, and a professor. Is that a landlord's dream or not?"
- Nancy

"This web site is the best thing since sliced bread"
- Marti Coleman, property manager

"I have gotten as many calls off your site as the ..........., nooooo, more than I received from the paper"
- Eileen Morey

"Your site is very user friendly"
- Ms. Thompson (Kokomo)

"The phone calls I receive from the web site seem to be potentially higher quality prospects"
- Pat Anderson

"I'll use you again"
- Niki Gerschoffer (and she did)


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